INCREDIBLE DEAF Contestants On Got Talent And The Greatest Dancer! | Top Talent

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Check out the most incredible auditions by deaf contestants on America's Got Talent, East Africa's Got Talent, Spain's Got Talent, The Greatest Dancer and The Greatest Dancer China!
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  • its so awsome how some people can be so talented aspeshaly for people that cant hear thay are so talented and i want to let the know in life there is no limits. be who you want to be. be the persone you have dreamed to be and dont let any one jude you on who you are. you are an awsome person and have an awsome sol. you have the rite to stand up to people and speek keep up with the good work and stay as the person you are p.s this goes to other people to

  • I was apathetic.

  • So good 😊.

  • 11:35 are they taking notes 🤪

  • How can people not like this?? What???!!! I swear there are people that just wait for things to be posted to give them a thumbs down, how dark their hearts must be! How dark they must be if you watched it and don't give it a thumbs up!

  • Loved the first two acts especially Mandy who has an amazing voice.

  • Why no captions. Cruel

  • Why would you dislike this 🤐😳👁️👄👁️👀😭

  • This is so cool

  • I dont like it

  • My Deaf yes

  • nice video

  • Sometime I feel so alone, no body loves me?

  • Wellpayed

  • Loved

  • I won't even get up by listening to the alarm and this guy!!!!!!!!!!! Maaaaannnnn!!!!!! 🔥

  • Fun fact: IM NOT A BOT I just want people to see my videos. Is so frustrating when I work hard and nobody See's it.🙏🙏🙏

    • Thank you for your contribution! I loved it and you are wonderful!!