GOLDEN BUZZER | Kid SURPRISES Judges With Opera Audition On Romania's Got Talent 2020 | Top Talent

تم نشره في 2020/06/18
Watch this fantastic singing audition by Siena Vuscan that received the golden buzzer on Romania's Got Talent!
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  • Amazing !.

  • Name of song please?

  • Amazing vioce!!!! Love her!!! BTW, how comes she sing in Chinese.

  • Wow i'm so speechlees✧\(>o

  • Legit she cant STOP talking I watched this live it took 5 minutes for her to explain she lived in china and in America and then she told he judges a poem in Chinese and made them tell it perfectly...

  • Omigosh she can really opera!

  • Я в восторге!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • She is a nightingale

  • 😱how!?😱🤭

  • Wow... she is amazing 😍😍🙄


  • I love this .

  • Wow.. 🐦

  • Omg😱

  • Isn't this from the opera El Cid?

  • Μπραβο κοριτσι μου💝💝💝

  • Wooow such an amazing voice

  • Wow!!!!!

  • Lovely

  • Wow!!!!!

  • I don't know what too say....She's Romanian AND a communist But not to worry....I'll come up with something😬😬😬😬

  • اتىوىوريممكحلؤؤىك في لنمرؤرةنؤ معرؤلتمح

    • Супер проспівала по корейськи ,мені сподобалось


  • 👍 ☭

  • Awesome 👏 👏 amazing lovely beautiful going high places imprecionante

  • not bad. I have. noticed though that most of the acts arent good at all. Then I realized that for that country it's great talent. This girl is though is 100% American type talent. Czechoslovakia talent show is pretty bad. Their best talent for the most part is bad talent in I have seen great talent there as well but for the most part its not good. Alot of times the judges go crazy and hit the golden buzzer for acts that in america would get the buzzer...the "X" . So I find that kinda strange but I have to remember that it's another country and for them that is great talent.

  • I am just here and watching this cuz of quarantine

  • Wow her voice....😯🥺🤩😊

  • Kann die bitte auf deutsch singen

  • That’s sooo impressive 👏👏👏👏😮

  • 😍✌👏👏👏👏

  • 159 views already

  • Who is here in quarantine?

  • what language is this? so many other languages

  • Hey lets be youtube buddies 4gMe

  • How much I understand this song: 0% But her voice: 💯 sweet, just love it. Who else agree!!!!!!

  • Her voice is so good🥺

    • That’s so true! I just got a bit nervous of her hands going from left to right up and down. And that stuff

  • Hey pleeeaasssse reply with a cherry on top I love it vids btw duh

  • Wow.... 😮

  • Hey