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Check out the best auditions from Idol Maldives!
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  • I don't know why I'm even here but it's 1 am at my place and I can't sleep. I'm gonna watch this video but I also have a story to tell. Idk why but I feel like sharing it. So one day when I was in a junior high school I wanted to join a singing competition called "Mama Mia". it's a singing competition where you have to be with your mom, because she'll be the "manager" and support you in front of the judges and the audience. my mom said no, because she've never ever heard me singing even once. I was too shy to sing in front of her that time but I insisted her to join the singing competition and said "I'll sing in front of the judges, I won't dissapoint" but she still rejected me. I was so broken hearted because my mom wouldn't believe me that I can sing. so on my graduation day from high school, I prepared a song to sing on stage (yes, it was about 4 years after the singing competition time). I sang "I will always love you" in front of my parents, friends, even my ex lol. I got a round of applause. that was a very satisfying moment in my life :') sorry for rambling! lol and thankyou if you actually read my story 😆 btw I recorded me singing "I will always love you" in a small studio where my friend work at. if you guys don't mind, please check the video (I'll link it down below) and give me a supportive/constructive comment. thanks a lot if you do! have a nice day guys😊

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  • who else is watching this at 1:11am?

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