America's Got talent 2020 SEMI FINALS Part 2 | WEEK 14 | Top Talent

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Watch the best performances from part 2 of the semi finals on AGT 2020!
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  • The little girl said 13

    • But it was a great trick


  • Im disappointedI didnt think he was a million dollar act.,

  • I felt scared when I saw the first performance

  • Real talent who won. My wait is... All are very good.


  • Apparently no one hears the little girl pick her number as 13. She clearly said it twice but the magician picked 14 so his trick would work. It really didn't though he was close. He almost had it. She should have corrected him. Really good trick though.This happens at 20:00 in.

    • Totally agree. I heard 13 too.


  • Good luck Daneliya..

  • São poucos os que vêm deixar algo que não se goste. Mesmo aqueles que no coração acalentam a esperança do pode ser que... esses mesmos são lições de vida. Mas, há uma enorme mão cheia de talentos que me deixam fascinado como estupefacto. Parabéns a todos e por todas as razões.

  • great 😍 😍 😍


    • Glad you like it!

  • i like from thailand

  • Nice


  • Freaks

  • F.c.en stupid

  • A lot of singers this year🤔

  • 14:32 the moment you are waiting😁😁😁

  • I really enjoy every time a new one comes out I wait for it

  • I think it’s gonna be daneliya and Cristina as the last two.

  • 14:52 you know who

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  • Wow...impressive very interesting


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  • Dear reader, if you can’t find yourself, create yourself. All the best.

    • 3:08 2020 Money Bonus

  • Im so excited....

  • There’s a lot of very talented people.

  • Very beautiful 😍


  • I'm so excited 🤪😋😘who will be winner this time😕

  • Very nice

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  • Always first