When DANGEROUS Auditions Go WRONG On Got Talent! | Top Talent

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Watch what happens when dangerous auditions go wrong on America's Got Talent: The Champions, Battle Of The Judges France and Spain's Got Talent!
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  • That is so scary

  • it's a good performance as long as things goes well

  • Is it bad that i laughed?

  • Tbh they didn't have to frickin give him 4 X's and also they should've at least gave him a chance

  • That couple tho omg like a river

  • Je déteste l'horrible coiffure de la blonde française.

  • Oh how to see without my eyes U👄U

  • The only 1% of all people reading this comment.. ❤❤ *please explain me wtf happened in the last act🤷‍♂️*

    • @Pieter Antonissen so basically he embarrassed himself in front of everyone 😐

    • Brave Crossbow-guy proved Murphy's Law in public - All that CAN go wrong WILL go wrong, no matter WHAT, HOW or WHEN. It just WILL go wrong... The device kept malfunctioning and he himself also lost all faith in succesfully coming out this act. Judges were right to stop this string of BAD luck before things would end horribly for him.

  • Omg 🥺

  • While I watched the second performance, I sobbed, it was infinitely beautiful and sensual

  • I feel bad for the last guy :/ But I am glad he’s safe!

  • Alternate tilte: participants getting embarrassed and hurt

  • BAD

  • NO..NO.NO. .NO.


  • Why are you putting your life in danger🤔

  • Pakistani broo like 🥰😘🥰

  • nice video

  • stop saying first its annoying

  • I love Top Talent❤

  • Simon is a whole mood.

  • firstt

  • comments

  • 53rd

  • I have really been struggling since a year and the half to hit 1k. YT s.u.b,s. But YT don't want me to get there.

  • Have I run out of things to do today? Yes. Am I watching these while waiting for class? Yes Why am I watching this? Yes.