The MOST DIFFICULT Instruments Ever? | UNBELIEVABLE KID Auditions On Got Talent | Top Talent

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Watch incredible kid auditions that feature the most difficult instruments on America's Got Talent, Persia's Got Talent, Uruguay's Got Talent, Italy's Got Talent and Spain's Got Talent!
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  • Comment are any of you instrument players?

  • Terrible acting

  • The cello guy on the left his string hair isn’t together it is broken

  • It sounds like it is a electric guitar when the cello plays and I don’t think that cellos are suppose to play In rock music

  • Seriously cool!

  • I was

  • Love you kids...🎶😀❤️

  • Persian/Iranian got Talent 🔥

  • Even tho I would suck as a drummer I can say that the first kid just played really common beats on his drums

  • All players are amazing . They did lovely great job God bless all of them. Great talent show

  • Hi

  • Thous kids are very talented..and good at instruments. So lots of 💖love💖 to thous kids..

  • Wow 🔥❤

  • That cello piece, I felt that.

  • good to see in Prussian countries they can play a song from a hit movie and the judges don't buzz them if that kid did it in america he'd be buzzed

  • would love to see cellos that rock play with 2cellos

  • My mind is blown away

  • 4 th... Awsome

  • Third