GOLDEN BUZZER | UNIQUE Musician Makes Judges CRY On Mexico's Got Talent! | Top Talent

تم نشره في 2020/08/11
Watch this emotional audition by Fernando Badillo that got the golden buzzer on Mexico's Got Talent 2015!
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  • Nombre del violinista por favor.

  • This is something that twoset violin should review xD hahaha

  • Maybe there's a back story that led up to this performance that is making the judges and audience cry.

    • That's what I said. CUBS!!!!!!!

  • You play beautifullyy Bravo.

  • Mexico tiene talento y mucho MAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • That was beautiful.

  • I don't know why they were so emotional from this song. It isn't that type of song. That being said, he performed it well.

    • Yeah we’re missing a back story but the judge that hit the golden buzzer said to him “ your wife is with you tonight “ and he goes and kisses their daughter and his mother so in assuming he lost his wife suddenly and was left with the child. More power to him.

    • They were obviously emotional right before it started. There is a backstory that was left out.

  • im from Pakistan but I really really like the sound ❤️👍❤️

  • 😭🤓😇

  • He made serious mistakes playing that violine! I think they had crying becose of that bad performance!

  • Just share your love from these comment and I return to you ......

  • Magical ❤👏

  • Amazing sound I love it

  • "Be Honest Who's Been Watching "Top Talent" Fo More Than A Year? "❤️❤️" (Hug To Hug Guys)

  • ha

  • Beautiful but it didn't make me cry. Maybe Mexicans are more openly emotional than I? But either way , he really felt it and played exceptionally so I am happy for him

    • I am Mexican, and the fact why it conveys a lot of feeling is because the boy composed that song for his wife who passed away, that's why he cries while playing. Regards!


  • Btw it’s just started cringing wtf ?!?!

  • 5 comments wow

  • Crying??? Oh, STOP IT!!!

  • 4th

  • Outstanding

  • Wow

  • 1st